Welcome to Central Valley Aqua Farm!

Thank you for your interest in Central Valley Aqua Farm. Our Fish Farm is family owned and operated, and are proud to offer the highest quality fish for pond stocking, fish broker, and retail market stores. We also offer koi and goldfish at wholesale prices to pet stores, fish dealers, and offer retail sales to the public.

At 191 acres, we are one of the largest fish farms in the Central Valley of California producing Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Hybrid CarpSturgeon, Koi, and Goldfish. We know our customers are our most valuable asset, which is why we make customer satisfaction our top priority. Our commitment to this goal, and your continued patronage has helped make us the largest wholesale and retail fish dealer in California and in the United States.

Fish That Our Farm Produces:

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass is one of our major production at Central Valley Aqua Farm. Our fish farm produces hundreds of thousands of fingerlings to grow out in large mud ponds until they reach 1 to 2 lbs to be sold to the Live Asian food markets.

Channel catfish

Channel Catfish is also another line of major production at Central Valley Aqua farm. Our fish farm produces hundreds of thousands of fingerlings each year. When they are 6-8 inches, they are transferred into large ponds for final grow out. Our Channel catfish are the best tasting in California. They come out of the mud ponds straight into our dealer's truck and into retail stores.

Hybrid carp

Our fish farm produces in large quantity Hybrid Carp, a vigor and tasty fish. It is highly sought after because it can be cooked in many different ways. You can find these fish for sale at a local Asian Supermarkets.

White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon is a variety of fish that is a long term investment, which takes 7-8 years to grow into caviar producing females. Most of our sturgeons are raised in clean/sanded mud ponds with ample fresh water. Their colorations are white like their wild sources, and growth rate excels those raised in aquaculture tanks.

Quality Koi

The production of quality Koi from Japanese broodstocks is also our specialty. We produce both standard fins and hard to find varieties of Butterfly Koi. Our farm also carry import Japanese Koi in stock. We sell wholesale to qualified dealers, and at retail to the public customers. Visit Koi and Goldfish!

Wakin goldfish

Wakin goldfish are increasing popular with the water garden hobbyists that keep Koi. They grow up to 12 inches and have a beautiful double tail that makes them exotic and a must have in your community pond. Wakin have three common colors; pearl white, red, and red with white color patterns. Click! Koi and Goldfish

Golden Shiner

Golden Shiner is a variety we produce on a smaller scale to meet the needs of the fishing industry. They are good for bait with Largemouth bass and you can find our products at your local bait and tackle stores.